How Clinton destroyed the 1994 revolution: An open letter to Conservatives


He used Republicans’ momentum against them.  He invited Newt to a sit down… almost as if co-President.  He publicly acknowledged the need to incorporate more conservative ideas — the peoples’ ideals — into his agenda.  Then, after luring Republicans into his territory, to participate in his agenda, he reclaimed the populist territory Republicans necessarily left.  He turned the revolution’s momentum against itself.

Once Dems lured Republicans off populist ground, they chopped them up…demonizing them by labeling them with targeted issues and trumped up charges… eventually including, amazingly enough, the housing crisis.  Bill Clinton effectively ran against the Republican Congress, an “institution” that was no longer populist. He constructed the framework that built “consumer groups” like ACORN into stellar political forces…the same framework that rad left Dems used to enable the financial crisis.

Republicans’ Natural Weakness

Beltway Republicans are only too eager to elevate themselves to a greater stage…their egos are their greatest weakness…they believe their own hype.  These Republicans sorely want back in to the political process, and would be willing to trade some of their populist momentum for “a seat at the table.”  Republicans and conservatives must resist the temptation to get involved with the Dems’ mess, as Newt did, in any way that Americans can view as playing along.

The American people love freedom lovers…they love dissent as part of the freedom process.  But they have no tolerance for anyone humbling their President directly the way Newt did the second he accepted that invitation; appearing as a near equal.  No Senator Brown, we do not joke with the President about driving “the truck” to the White House to challenge him to a basketball game.

Trust but Verify

Ronald Reagan learned during the 1950s, never to negotiate in good faith with radical leftists.  They never keep their word and will throw anyone, and anything under the bus to advance toward their true goals.  As Vladimir Lenin said, “there are no morals in politics; there is only expediency.”  Reagan knew radical leftists must be defeated, not toyed with.  “Trust but verify” – verify their true intentions…keep the political spotlight clearly focused on them.  Those intentions remain focused on, as BO has said, “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” in socialist ideals.  Verification is the role of Tea Party conservatives now…it cannot be trusted to Republicans until/unless they learn to control their own momentum.

What Conservatives Need to do Now

Conservatives must never be lured off populist ground.  They must not actively work with the rad left BO agenda.  That agenda is broken…corrupted…and cannot be worked with in good faith.  Republicans must lure rad left Dems further into territory that uses the leftist mentality against itself.  Radical leftists truly believe the ends justify the means – that their agenda supersedes American democracy.  Conservatives must keep that trait under the microscope and never let them off that territory politically.

Dems will likely continue their latest move towards Populist territory, and try to lure Republicans off by tempting them into working together.  Scott Brown and Olympia Snowe must be secured from a “bi-partisan compromise” that has states initially deciding whether or not to adopt versions of nationalized health care.  Dems will likely talk about seating Brown without obstruction, appearing to seem truly Democratic… as if “they have heard the message” and their natural populist roots are coming out.  They will search for a Populist issue, whether they can work the Wall Street attack or something else to regain populist ground.  Then, from that high ground, they will attack every Republican they can, to portray that Repubs are corrupt; have betrayed the American people and truly left the populist ground.  That is how rad leftists won historic majorities in the 2006 & 2008 Congressional elections.  It is a known process for them at a time when they have little room for error…there is no choice.

The crescendo of this process is not possible without the first steps…that is where Conservatives must fight the battle.  Dems’ role – Obama’s role – in causing the financial crisis must be clarified.  Every one of us must have comfortable mastery of the issue.

The next several months must be a battle for Populist territory…for Scott Brown’s “truck.”  Tea Party conservatives are going to face their biggest test.  Are they truly ready to participate in the political process beyond organizing and vocalizing American populism?  Republicans will be tempted to look up in euphoria as they wander off populist ground.  They will give rad left Dems a mercy window to appear more populist, in exchange for being invited to the table, as Bill Clinton literally did to Newt.  One thing about the conservative mentality…they can be recklessly gracious after victory.  Reagan knew better.  Conservatives must remain steadfastly in the gap against the rad left onslaught while they look to reinforcements late this year.  We must hold the line: for each other, for our kids, our grandkids, and for Democracy.  It is the only way…sorry Washington Republicans, your time has not yet come.


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